Disposable Face Masks

Our standard face mask offers top-quality protection, at affordable prices.  Made with 3-ply, 4-fold ear loop or tie-on options, the mask is 100% latex-free and fibre-glass free.

Complies fully with EN14683 II, and has the following performance data

  • BPF ≥99% @ 1 micron
  • PFE ≥99% @ 0.1 microns
  • Resistant to synthetic blood @ 120mm/Hg

All of our face masks come with a variety of colours, with tie-on and ear-loop options.

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face mask with splash shield

Our top-line disposable face mask comes with a full range of features to offer ultimate protection.  The face mask is impregnated with an anti-fog UV nose strip and an anti-fog / anti-glare splash shield to offer almost full face protection for your medical team.  All our face masks are Latex and Fibre-glass free.

The face mask comes with the following specifications;

  •   4-ply, 3-fold comfort design
  • Fluid resistant sub-layer, including resistance to synthetic blood
  • Soft-touch inner layer for user comfort
  • Complies with EN14683 Type II
  • BPF ≥99% @ 3 microns
  • PFE ≥99% @ 0.1 microns
  • Resistant to synthetic blood at 160mm/Hg

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Our budget face mask offers adequate protection for a variety of medical environments, and as with all of our face masks, they come completely Latex and Fibre-glass free.

Despite being our budget option, we have not compromised on quality, the budget face masks still include a high-level of protection meeting the following specifications with ease

  • EN14683 II compliant
  • BPF ≥99% @ 1 micron
  • PFE ≥99% @ 0.1 micron
  • Resistant to synthetic blood @ 120mmHg

Free of charge samples are available, and so please Contact Us for more information, or to discuss your needs.