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[rt_timeline][rt_tl_event day=”2″ month=”April” year=”2018″ title=”**New products** – SURGICAL STAPLERS”]We have recently introduced a new range of Surgical Staplers and Cutting devices.

Our latest range of surgical stapling and cutting devices, adds more essential products to our ever-growing catalogue, answering the needs of surgical teams, by offering quality, affordable products.  Included in the range are circular staplers, linear cutters/staplers, staple removal devices and all associated accessories.

All our products are CE approved, and OEM branding is optional.

For more information, please Contact Us[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event day=”24″ month=”December” year=”2016″ title=”Ophthalmic Procedure Packs now available”]As part of our move into Ophthalmic surgery, we now offer a complete range of reusable Titanium instruments, and single-use Steel instruments.  We can supply individual products, or we offer a range of customisable procedure packs which are designed to include the most common instruments used in various procedures, such as Cataract, Lasik surgery and others.

Please Contact Us for more information.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event day=”01″ month=”January” year=”2017″ title=”Disposable Laparoscopic Clip Applier”]We are proud to be one of the first companies offering a CE approved, Disposable Laparoscopic clip applier to our customers.

Features include – Pre-loaded with 20 Ti clips – visual counter – cartridge end notifier

Product is supplied sterile, and can have OEM labelling where desired.  For more information, please Contact Us

Another quality addition to the In 2 Healthcare range.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event day=”19″ month=”July” year=”2016″ title=”Customised Procedure Packs”]We offer a range of fully customisable procedure packs designed to offer a convenient, safe and cost-effective method of utilising surgical consumables during procedures.

Our existing range of packs include Orthopaedics, Ophthalmic, Dental and General Surgery, but we have an entire portfolio of surgical instruments and accessories, that can be added into the packs for specific market needs, and all packs are CE approved.

For more information, please Contact Us[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event day=”01″ month=”February” year=”2015″ title=”More news coming soon”][/rt_tl_event][/rt_timeline]