In 2 Healthcare is a specialised OEM medical device supplier and we are the only western-owned/managed sourcing hub in this region which specialises in medical devices.  Established in 2010 to help our clients overcome some of the challenges of sourcing products from overseas manufacturing bases, we based ourselves in the Far East in order to provide three fundamental services to improve supply chains

  1. To provide a single-source OEM purchasing hub for multi-source products, delivering Cradle-to-Grave service throughout production
  2. To offer local, on-site reviews/approval for new product developments in shorter time frames than possible when overseas, and at reduced cost & time demand
  3. To provide on-going portfolio development, new product development and OEM supply to clients in a range of areas, including Medical, Laboratory & Dental sciences

All of our products are OEM, and we offer full assistance in developing product & packaging artwork that suits your company needs, once approved, we then work with your team to manage the entire manufacturing process on your behalf, including production oversight, sample review and approval and then delivery to your shipping warehouse.

Our business model was created to help simplify our clients supply chain by reducing bank service fees, eliminating miscommunication between non-native and multi-point contacts, as well as imparting our 16yrs of European medical device experience to ensure only quality products that meet international standards, are delivered to you.  We only work with vertical manufacturers, have agreements with all suppliers ensuring any defective products are fully covered for replacement and as we’re local, we generally resolve any production issues before you even know about it.

We have an ever-growing range of products, but our key areas are Laparoscopic Instruments, Diathermy, OR Consumables, Orthopaedics and Ophthalmic instruments, however if you have a specific product need, our Source & Supply service can help.

Our Mission to Supply

  1. Single-Source Purchase Hub

    Supply Chains are complicated, even more so when multiple suppliers are based in remote locations from the HQ.  It is for this reason, In 2 Healthcare was established, to aid streamline supply chains, by removing the need for numerous contacts, emails and QC controls for different manufacturers.

    Our Single-Source Purchase hub model offers clients the opportunity to have one point of contact for all products, one purchase order (even when multiple manufacturers are used), pay one bank transfer fee and most importantly, have an English-speaking European partner that has extensive knowledge and experience in the international medical device market, locally based to handle production on your behalf.

  2. Novel Product Introductions

    Our catalogue is always expanding as we look for new products that will compliment our existing portfolio, and add value to our clients.  As we work closer with clients, we pay attention to the things that are most important to them, their existing products, the quality, their vision for future growth; then with all that information, we not only supply products that exceed their expectations, we also introduce products they perhaps didn’t know they wanted.  It’s all part of our service!

  3. Quality, Consistently and Improvement

    In any mass manufacturing, there are errors, however the method by which we handle those errors is what our main focus is on.  We put several steps in place, such as on-site post-production product inspections, live production sample inspections (mid-production) and detailed QC reports for each production run, to ensure that the errors are minimised as much as possible.

    However, inevitably, some errors do arise and in these cases, we adopt an open and honest policy with our clients.  We want to learn from them, and offer our support in understanding the root cause of the issue, then improving the production specifications and QC reports, to ensure that following production focuses on removing these errors from occurring again.

    It is always a learning curve, but we are honest about being on it.

Our Vision

  • To be a valued partner in our clients supply chain needs
  • To supply quality products, that consistently meet and exceed our client’s expectations
  • To continue to introduce new products which compliment our client’s current portfolio, in order to help them grow faster
  • To reduce the complexity of off-shore sourcing for clients, by offering a simple to use hub
  • To be open, to learn and to grow with our clients as their needs change
178#Enquiries Per Month
312#Active Products
30#Satisfied Clients
300#Suppliers In Our Database

ProfessionalDedicated Professionals

With our wide-ranging experience, in many aspects of the medical device supply chain, we can offer an unrivalled level of professionalism for clients wishing to bolster their portfolios, or simply improve supply chain.

PerfectionQuality Focused

Quality and Consistency are cornerstones of our business.  We not only appreciate managing remote manufacturing is difficult, but managing this in a culturally different location is even more so.  In 2 Healthcare’s team is situated in the Far East so we can pay close attention to all on-going production, can respond to issues and resolve, before client’s even know and move quicker with product development.

Price. That matters!Cost Efficient

There are always growing demands to improve cost structures in supply chain, be that from existing product supply, or the introduction of new products to the range.  Our growing database of quality manufacturers gives us the chance to offer new products, or alternative manufacturers, at very cost competitive prices.  And as we handle all aspects of the production, through to delivery to the shipping warehouse, the cost of time is also in your pocket.

TestimonialsWhat They Are Saying

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company

13th September, 2010

We are born!

In 2 Healthcare opens its doors

15th December, 2010

Our First Client

After refining our business model, approving a list of quality suppliers and introducing our first products, we crack the ice and start work with our first client.  Who is still our client today!

24th March, 2011

We Change

As with all businesses, we evolve with the changing needs of the market and our clients.  After a year of business, In 2 Healthcare adapted to meet some of the needs of our clients, and we initiated our Single-Source Purchase Hub model.  Life’s easier when it’s simple!

2nd February, 2017

Our New Website Goes Live!

After several years of neglect, we finally have our new website, with it’s fresh, crisp look mirroring our products and services offered. Enjoy the experience!